I use video as a tool to heighten the viewer's awareness of the natural environment. By pushing the limits of the medium to the point where the image fragments, I examine the mutable act of memory and perception.

The LeafDrawing Process Video series is a unique subset of my work where the video is made by drawing. That is to say, the act of drawing created the sound, wavering light, and motion. How? I was sitting in the woods making drawings using leaves as my drawing material on paper, on a wood shingle. The camera (iPhone6C) was perched on the wood shingle, so the vibration of drawing generated the sound, motion, and quivering image.

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LeafDrawing Process Video 5 from wrea on Vimeo.

LeafDrawing Process Video 44 from wrea on Vimeo.


LeafDrawing ProcessVideo 34 from wrea on Vimeo.


LeafDrawing Process Video 35 from wrea on Vimeo.